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Rommel was rescued from a shelter when he was 12 weeks old.
His previous owners had kept him 5 weeks before deciding to dump him. Since his sire was a
Covy-Tucker Hill breed dog and his dam was by no means ill-bred, I was amazed that they
(the dumpers) didn't return him to his breeder for a refund. I tracked the breeder down and
she was horrified to find out what Rommel's fate had been. She had a verbal agreement with her
puppies purchasers that they COULD have returned him for a refund.

Luckily for me, I found him. He is an absolutely wonderful dog
and has an intelligence that he demonstrates in many ways.



Rommel at 12 weeks, just after his rescue.

Rommel - 2 years old




Rommel - 3 years old



Rommel and best friend Tsotsi