The Internet GSD Club
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The Internet GSD Club

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We are a group of GSD enthusiasts who believe that the success to a healthy GSD lies in the preservation of the breed, through nutrition, training, socialization, and careful breeding. All are welcome to join us at the group.

It is not necessary to be a member of the GSD Club to post to the forum, snag the GSD goodies and graphics, play the games, or to use our chat room. We do though ask you to please be as courteous as possible. We do not allow flaming or over heated discussions of American Bred Vs. German bred line GSD's, nor do we welcome petty nasty disagreements on diet, coat color or working vs. show lines.

To the majority of this group, all GSD's are of value, and all have a place in our hearts. We do promote adhering to the GSD breed standards. No dog is perfect, but they are our dogs, and we love them, so please do not attempt to tell us that our love is misplaced just because our dog does not fit the "standard".

We do look forward to interacting with everyone, and welcome discussions on any topic that promotes a better understanding of our magnificent breed.


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